Overseas Students

Scholarship Saviour International Expansion

We have now expanded our scope of operation to China.
With currently 600,000 overseas students studying in Australia, the number of Chinese Students is being estimated at approx 150,000.
They are by far the biggest single ethnic group studying at our Universities.
Scholarship Saviour is pleased to announce the following appointments.
New Appointments.

Appointment - Wenqin Tang

Appointment – Wenqin Tang

Wenqin Tang
Ms Tang, has been working closely with us bringing to Scholarship Saviour her wealth of experience and extensive business network contacts. Her contacts with Government officials will be a great asset to our organisation. Previously from Suzhou a city of approx 12 million people.
Ms Tang has been in Australia for 5 years.
She has set up a network of professionals in China. These professionals will work closely with her to bring University Students here to study.

Appointment - Susie Xu - Scholarship Saviour

Appointment – Susie Xu


Susie Xu is a former overseas student herself. She arrived here at the age of 16 to study without any previous knowledge of Adelaide.
She is extremely excited about the opportunity to help overseas Chinese students settle in Adelaide, just like she did herself.
Susie, having experienced first hand the frustration of not knowing where to stay and where to go, will assist the students with all their requirements and make them feel at home.
Susie will spend time with them showing and teaching the students about the Australian way of life and culture.
This is important because students from overseas find it daunting, coming to a strange country and having to master a new language and new culture.

We will shortly be announcing our Indian, Indonesian and Filipino Agents.