Career Counselling

This is important for young students. The greatest decision is choosing a career path and at an early age can be one of the most worrisome times of their lives.

The career path is crucial for their future. Without any formal testing of a young person’s ability to properly access their strengths and weaknesses, young people can fall into a course only to discover halfway through, that it is not the best path for them.

This can add to a student’s frustration and has in the past led them to drop out of tertiary education, and can be costly not only in monetary terms but in time. Nationwide, nearly one in five students will probably leave their studies by the end of their first year. Overall, over 27,000 students abandon their university dreams within the first year.

By undergoing a comprehensive psychological test to assess their strengths a student career path can be narrowed considerably. This leads to a student’s happiness and ultimately studying something in which they are interested in. This leads them to studying with more purpose. Their study will not be as arduous, so they can have a better work and play ratio.

Our Associates have the necessary qualifications for students to be assessed and receive an analysis of their results.

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