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Vincent Scali

Vincent Scali began his career in real estate in 1978 with his own business, Vincent Scali & Co. Since this time he has gained broad experience in property development and management, as a developer, land agent and builder.

He has a wealth of experience in most facets of Real Estate spanning almost 40 years.

With his many years of experience, Vincent is well respected in the property industry for his solid advice and commitment to helping families achieve financial success and security.

It is with this paradigm that he realised he can assist people to educate their children with minimal outlay, creating capital growth, negative gearing where applicable, all this enabling them to negate their children having Hto pay HECS fees on completion of their degrees. Starting their careers without the burden of having to pay their HECS fees for the next 10 to 20 Years.


The most common platform for creating wealth is Real Estate. Whilst it does go up and down over a short time span it invariably goes up over a longer period



When comparing real estate versus the stock market, real estate allows you to gear the investment.  This is also called leverage where our initial investment can triple in value.  You are a decision maker, where as in shares decisions are made by a board of directors.


Real estate is a proven performer over time. It also provides a monthly income to offset the loan taken on property.

There is a general belief that real estate doubles every seven years. At Scholarship Saviour we are more conservative and work on every 10 years.

Scholarship Saviour is designed for a 10 year plan, as is seen in this example.

With the help of Scholarship Saviour, you can also give your child the chance to own their own home much sooner. Without the burden of HECS, you can kick start their journey into home ownership – a real head start for future financial success.

        Example of Growth Over a Ten Year Period

Forward planning now could also give your child the freedom to focus solely on studying, hopefully leading to even better academic results.

You will also reduce the pressure to pay off higher education fees when full time work begins.

Then there is the opportunity for tax deductions which can be used to your advantage. The use of these tax deductions are not

easily understood by some accountants. So we will service you with our TAX SAVIOURS who understand the myriad of tax laws, thus achieving the optimum tax savings for you.




In this day and age it is important carry out due diligence.

There are a number of cases which have either been before the courts or are currently ongoing. This is due to faulty workmanship which plagued the building process.  Having industry experience we can soon establish if the builder is bona fide.

Purchasing a finished project you can make the relevant inquiries and then building inspections. This is prudent, so you know what to expect rather than being hit with a large levy being imposed on the strata corporation which you will then be liable for your portion.( should your investment be in a department block)


When you become a member of Scholarship Saviour you will have all the above reports provided to you. It is then an only then you can make an informed decision as to whether to participate in that project or not. Once you decide we can take care of the rest, you can relax and just go about your day to day activities.

Remember the old adage…